Putting together a well-organized fun run is not a solo act. It takes a dedicated and enthusiastic team of individuals who are passionate about supporting and giving back to their community to put together a successful event. The Santa Run Team is just that – a great group of individuals who are passionate about running and making a meaningful difference in the life of a burn survivor. Our Team consists of many BC fire fighters, the Burn Fund staff, our Sponsors, our fearless Race Director and our many, many, wonderful volunteers!

You, the runners, are also an important part of our Team. Your participation helps bring our community together, creates a lot of fun and supports the many programs of the Burn Fund.

Our volunteers! We can’t say enough about our volunteers! These folks contribute their time and enthusiasm to support the event. Many of them are runners, fire fighters and burn survivors themselves. Other volunteers are family, friends or just folks who enjoy supporting our community. Whoever they are, their hard work and dedication make the event possible and help to keep your race safe and enjoyable. So please, take a moment and thank them for their support!