Participating in the Santa Run event will take you through Stanley Park pathways and seawall. Routes are open to the public on race days so please be alert and courteous of other park users.

Be Aware. It can be easy to go off into your own world when you are running. We want to be respectful of other park users, so know what is going on around you and adjust appropriately and politely.

Do NOT Litter. We want to leave the pathways and surrounding environment as clean, or cleaner than before the race started. Fair warning…we take this seriously, so littering may lead to disqualification.

Call Out When Passing. Let the person(s) you are about to pass know that you are approaching and intending to pass them. This will allow them to yield and you to pass in a safe manner. Seriously, do NOT sneak up on others. Their startled screech may give you a fright!

Race Bib Numbers must be visible on your front!

No Earbuds. This is a safety issue. Also, we prefer you listen to the melodious bird song, sounds of the park or talk with your fellow runners.

Practice good sportsmanship. This seems to be the standard in the trail running community, so let’s keep it going. This includes being respectful to the volunteers. They are there for you!

No pacing or bandits. Non-registered individuals may not accompany racers either on-foot or otherwise along the course, with the exception of the Kid’s 1K run.

Stay on Course. Do not short cut switchbacks, etc. It hurts the environment and it is cheating. If there is a problem with the course marking, please let us know so we can fix it.

Obey Marshals and Traffic Control. Vehicles have the right of way and we do not want our racers getting hit by a car. Think about it…you would have to tell your friends that you were hit by a car on a trail race!

No Dogs, trekking poles or other “accessories” (unless specified permissible) on course. Your shoes, clothing (including Santa suit), hydration and/or nutrition (if required), carried on your body are all that you should bring on your race. This ensures fairness and the safety of you and other runners.

Injured runner. If you come across an injured fellow runner, please alert a race Marshal. Marshals can call for medical assistance.

Dropping out. If you find it necessary to drop from the race, you MUST advise a Marshal and provide them with your bib number. We want to make sure everyone who starts the race is accounted for.

Have fun! It’s a rule! After all, you signed up for this!!